Life Groups

Life Groups have one, simple purpose: to bring people together. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us. We grow spiritually in the context of relationships. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find.  That’s why Life Groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you. 

PCC Fall/Winter Life Groups

Biblical Citizenship
The Chosen
Women Walking
Morning Walking with Gals
Nancy Bixby
Mon  @ 9 am | Waller Park
High School Girls
Women's Stepping/Walking
Pastor Linda Hicks
Tues @ 7:30 am | PCC Youth Room
Divorce Care
Leah Rickard
Tues @ 6:30 pm | PCC Youth Room
Coffee & Conversation
Young Adults
Pastor Rick & Kaykay Pineda
Tues  @ 7 pm | SM Home
Spanish Language Group
Biblical Citizenship - Wednesday
Jim & Teresa Diani
Wed @ 6:3- pm | PCC Palmer Hall
Lunch with Ladies
Marriage Group
Pastor Moses & Cynthia Aguirre
Wed @ 6:45 pm | PCC Green Room
Grief Share
Grief Share
Linda Peterson
Thurs @ 6:15 pm | PCC Palmer Hall
Women's: Forgiveness Study
Pastor Linda Hicks
Thurs @ 7 pm | PCC Youth Room
Crochet 101
Lynne Plunkett
Sat @ 9 am | PCS Rm 213
Evening  Walking with Gals
Marie Heiden
Mon @ 6 pm | Robin Ventura Park
Women's Workout
High School Girls Group
Sabrina Pineda
Tues @ 5 pm | PCC The Bridge
16 Fundamental Truths
When We Pray: Prayer Group
Pastor Loren Hicks
Tues @ 6:30 pm | PCC Sanctuary
Healthy Emotional Relationships
Conversation and Coffee
Karen Bull & Susan Bernhardt
Wed @ 8 am | My Place Coffee Shop
Character of Christmas
Spanish Language Bible Study
Ray & Blanca Gonzales
Wed @ 6:30 pm | My Place Coffee Shop
Sermon on the Mount
After the Sermon on the Mount
Sue Griffin
Thurs @ 10 am | Sunny Hills Clubhouse
Messiah and the Tabernacle
Messiah & Tabernacle
Frank Sever & Larry Lixie
Thurs @ 6:30 pm | PCC Cafe
Men who follow Jesus
Men's: Men Who Follow Jesus
Pastor Loren Hicks
Thurs @ 7 pm | PCC The Bridge
Biblical Citizenship - Monday
Jim & Teresa Diani
Mon @ 6:30 pm | PCC Palmer Hall
New Testament Church
Women's Workout & Health Journey
Michelle Swanson
Tues @ 6 pm | PCC Palmer Hall
Men's Group
16 Fundamental Truths of the Bible
Lynne Plunkett
Tues @ 6:30 pm | PCC Cafe
Prayer for Youth Students
Emotionally Healthy Relationships
Mike & Cindee Foell
Wed @ 3:30 pm | PCC The Bridge
Words of Jesus
Characters of Christmas
Lynne Plunkett
Wed @ 6:30 pm | SM Home
Healthy Emotional Relationships
Lunch with Ladies
Yessica Barcelo-Alegria
Thurs @ 12 pm | Chick-Fil-A
Knowledge of the Holy
Book:  Knowledge of the Holy - Tozer
Joel & Alyssa Gerald
Thurs @ 6:30 pm | Orcutt Home
Quilting 102
Lynne Plunkett & Eleanor Snowden
Fri @ 9 am | Orcutt Home
The Chosen w/ Friends
Bill & Grace Willinghham
Mon @ 6:30 pm | SM Home
Divorce Care
Today's New Testament Church: Acts
Pastor Phil & Claudene Young
Tues @ 6:30 pm | My Place Coffee Shop
Young Adults
Men's Group 360 Men
Danny Rios & Mike Biely
Tues  @ 6:30 pm | PCC The Bridge
Biblical Citizenship
Prayer for Youth Students
Sue Griffin & Dave Allen
Wed @ 6 pm | PCC Sanctuary
Marriage Group
Words of Jesus
David Bixby
Wed @ 6:30 pm | PCS Teacher's Lounge
Women of the New Testament
Women of the New Testament
Ann Sever
Thurs @ 2 pm | PCC The Bridge
Fireside Faith
Fireside Faith: Hebrew's 11
Gillian White
Thurs @ 6:30 pm | SM Home
Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery
Men's/Women's Groups
Fri @ 6 pm | PCC Palmer Hall